Your ideas converted to production-ready artwork for your consumer packaged goods


This grasshopper walks into a bar… wait, let’s try that again…

A Consumer walks by, glancing at the shelf...

You’ve got less than 3 seconds to influence them with your brand

To get them to stop, pick up, and put your products into their cart. For this, color, quality and fit must be consistent across your products. Too, what they’re seeing now, before, and next time- must all match.

i4Color will make sure your brand looks consistent across your products

Whether printed on cartons, labels, shrink-sleeves, cans or pouches. Maybe someone’s holding your package in their hands -or- viewing it online at Amazon. Either way, you’ll go ‘ahhh’ knowing everything matches across all products AND media.

Between design and print is Premedia

A crucial and complex stage. i4Color will partner with your creative teams, agencies and printers to convert your design concepts into production-ready artwork files. With our technology and industry expertise, shoppers walking the aisles will recognize your products- instantly.

To see how we can get YOUR products into shoppers’ carts….


Your colors will match

From printer-to-printer, vendor-to-vendor, across all materials

Colors vary across printers, vendors, and materials. Meaning, your products will look different if everything’s not coordinated. Ouch.

i4Color will make sure this doesn’t happen.

We’ll configure printing profiles so your colors will look perfect

Profiles determine how colors are to be printed. We’ll work with your print vendors to understand their specific color profiles. Then, make any color adjustments to the file- to ‘nail it’- so your proof will look as you intended. Your products will now look the same from proof to press- without your printing guys and gals needing to change a thing on their end. What a relief knowing…

What you see on the proof is what shoppers will see on the shelf

To see how we’ll make your colors look perfect…

Your shrink sleeves will fit

Because shape matters for your brand

Nothing says ‘custom’ like the physical shapes of your products. The key is knowing how to create shrink sleeves that fit perfectly on and around your packages. From top to bottom, all around, too.

Imagine on screen, in full-scale 3D… rotating and zooming to see how your shrink sleeve will look on your product?

We’ll see any issues and identify where to adjust the artwork. Then, make those adjustments and see it on the screen again. There will be no issues at press time because…

Your product will look as perfect on the shelf as it does before your eyes

Too good to be true?

Your people will be informed

And your labels will be spot-on

Will nutrition facts and ingredients be complete, current and accurate on your labels? To be on the shelf, they better be- it’s required by law. You certainly want to avoid any hefty, financial penalty by being sued in court. Yet, it’s a load getting stakeholders to agree, sign-off and buy-in. 

i4Color will set up and configure your workflow system

…to route images, legal statements, and more, to stakeholders for review and approval. With comments, feedback, and suggestions in a central, digital location- it’ll be easy and speedy for the right people to make the right decisions. 

Make quick and informed choices while ensuring your files and assets are accurate and easy to work with

And yet again, for your consumers to instantly recognize your brand- no matter where it’s seen. Too, be confident you have the most recent assets for work performed by you and across multiple suppliers.

Your art files will be ready

And so will your printers

For your brand imagery, lots has been done to make sure: colors match, shrink-sleeves fit, and labels are legal. Your artwork files have been created and managed across your entire workflow- capturing all left-to-right brain work. But now…

Time to finish strong and make sure everything gets to the printers just right

i4Color will apply the necessary traps, bleeds, safeties, and minimums to ensure a smooth press run. Then, with your final sign-off, we’ll lock the files to preserve the deep work. Don’t worry- your printers will still have the ability to adjust press curves, while respecting the final, signed-off proof. Artwork, content, and settings- oh my.

Your brand all tidied-up and ready for printing

Almost there- for getting your products into shoppers’ carts.

To help create the right imagery to enhance your brand….

See our work

Enough said- now see what we’re talking about.