Do you know the best criteria to use when choosing the proper food photographer?

Do you know what to look for in a food stylist’s portfolio and how to assess their strengths and weaknesses?

Hiring a prop stylist increases your budget. Do you need one?

Do you have the right producer to pull together the best team?

Do you know whom to hire first? Do you know where to start?

In order to have the most successful food photography shoot, you’re going to need to start by deciding on that final impression you want to leave your audience/customers with when they first see your images. Knowing this will set the stage for how you select each member of your team. That impression can be as simple as a plate of barbecue wings waiting to be served.

Or a recipe for delicious onion dip.

Or it can be something more involved, like a fresh dish of pumpkin pie surrounded by the empty plates and leftovers after a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Getting an idea of that impression should be the first step, whether sketched on a napkin, torn from a magazine, or found online.

Finding the right team members to convey your message may be the most crucial step in this process. Thankfully, being in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are surrounded by some of the best talent in the world.

Choosing the right Food Photographer

The next step is choosing the proper food photographer. You may want to consider the photographer’s composition and lighting skills. For example, this might include their ability to make every shot look appetizing by finding the right balance between natural light and strobe light.

Hiring the right Food Stylist

The next step to tackle is hiring a food stylist. Something to keep in mind during this decision making process is that there’s a big difference between appetizing food and appetizing images of food. You to need hire someone who understands the details on how to produce lasting, impactful, and scrumptious images of your food.

Do I need a Prop Stylist?

Once you’ve narrowed down the right food stylist, you should decide whether or not you need a prop stylist. While hiring a prop stylist will increase your cost, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s a big advantage to having both a food and prop stylist. Often during a photoshoot, photographers, food stylists, and prop stylists feed off each other and benefit from working side by side, thus elevating the quality of their work. Selecting a cooperative group of individuals who understand the message you’re trying to get across will result in the best possible results.

Fitting together all the Pieces of the Puzzle

It’s also important to keep in mind that successful food photography shoots require many moving parts all working together in unison. When a client approaches us with their first food shoot, we manage it like a jigsaw puzzle. We all know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find one of the pieces of the puzzle. Or when you know one piece is out of place but you can’t determine what piece it is. Since we’ve done hundreds of successful photo shoots, we’ve mastered this jigsaw puzzle process. We know how to get all the pieces to perfectly fit together to form that one, beautiful, final image.

At i4Color we have all the personnel, tools, services, and connections for you to have the most efficient and successful food photography shoot.