Your Brand Recognized Instantly

And it will look consistent across your entire product line – wherever it appears.


i4Color knows why your brand matters

So consumers will… Associate that cozy, comfortable, satisfied feeling with your products. Appeal to their emotions and self-image, too (think Apple, Porsche and Gucci). Help them make a quick decision to buy your stuff among a long list of choices- in the aisle or in their Google search results. Buy your detergent, shoes, or ketchup– in an instant, without even thinking about it. Pay more for your products because they know, trust and relate to your brand. And, share their experiences about your products with others because of everything above.

For this to happen...

The look-and-feel of your brand must be consistent for products on the shelf, on the web, and for print.

i4Color will convert your ideas to the right look for your new or existing brand

Our artistic eye + technology expertise = your products recognized instantly by shoppers.

To create or maintain the right look for your brand…

Are you responsible for...

Creating imagery that sells your brand
What shows up on the shelf

Why us

You’re not getting the expected results

Are you working with another group on your packaging or image creation project? But not getting the results you want? And wondering… what to do next? We’ve been called in to rescue projects like this. We’ll do the same for you.


Time is running out

For whatever reasons (and there’s plenty), is your project work piling up? Yet your deadline remains firm and is approaching rapidly. Yikes. But don’t panic. We have the experience, technology, and savvy to learn what’s going on and what to fix to create your brand imagery- beautifully, dutifully, and timely.

One place for you to do it all

Starting up new marketing campaign or completely rebranding your product? For both- we’ve got expert photographers, food & prop stylists, and more- all in house. We’ve got you covered for lighting, framing, composing, and arranging your scene, package or image. From start to finish.

To see how we can help your products become instantly recognizable...

"...creating beautiful photography showing off our brands."

I’m always amazed how the i4Color team converts my vision to the right imagery. From a rough sketch on a napkin to a verbal description- they create beautiful photography showing off our brands.

~ Lorena Pinon, Associate Creative Director, Electro Creative Workshop

Let's work together

And here’s what it could look like for your projects



Starting with your concept design to understand the big picture- we’ll determine what you’re looking for. Define the type of project (Photography, Retouch, or CGI), based on the style you want. Then, understand the size of your project, how long to complete it, and what it’ll cost.


Bring it all together to create the scene or imagery you had imagined. We’ll take the shots, create the 3d model, or design the scene for your project. And, work with our photographers for all your shooting needs. Then, touch, retouch, and re-retouch to…

…bring your vision for your product to the web or print

All while working together- with your direction for lighting, angles, composition- you get the idea. A collaborative process to ensure your concepts and requirements show up in the finished imagery.


With your product now front and center- time to create the right scene to tell your engaging story. We’ll add elements around the product to achieve your intent. Adjust the lighting to give it even more personality. Then, marry it all together to…

…get the reaction you want your customer to feel



Meet with you to see what you’re doing, what you’re experiencing. We’ll look holistically at your packaging, processes and more across your product lines. Then, determine how much or how little you need from us. Like, automatically route and notify the right people to review your artwork. Or, just create the final proofs for your printers


We’ll configure our system(s) to meet your needs. Work with your printers to establish specifications and color profiles for final artwork. Then, work with them to…

…achieve exactly what you want during production runs


To KNOW what everything will look like across your packages and print- we’ll create your files and proofs. Next, we set up and configure routing for all stakeholders to say ‘yup- you nailed it’. Ship final print-ready files and contract proofs to your print partners. Then, upload and organize all artwork to your system so it’s available for future use. After your print runs, we’ll look at samples to ensure your colors match- from proofs to packages to print…

…all to ensure we met exceeded your expectations across your entire brand

"...our packaging matches our brand standards."

i4Color does outstanding work, making sure our packaging matches our brand standards. With their in-house team, they respond quickly, on short notice, with deadlines looming.
~ Nicole Hoenig, Digital Marketing Specialist, Tiny Hero Foods

I’m Daryl Eifler

I started i4Color to help people like you feel confident that everything matches across your brand. I enjoy combining my skills in marketing, imagery and premedia, so people will choose your products over the other guy’s. We do this with an in-house staff of photographers, retouchers and press experts to take on your entire project- giving your brand our full attention.


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