Need help converting your design into the client’s finished artwork?

Hire i4Color as an extension of your agency’s in-house production team.

So you can stay focused on the creative—which is what you’re built for, right?


Are you overwhelmed trying to convert concept into finished product?

  • Feeling anxious the finished product won’t match your design?
  • Do you have the staff, expertise, and equipment to create the final imagery?
  • Scared you’ll give something to the brand owner that won’t look right?
  • Pitching ideas to the client but not confident they can be translated to print
  • Perhaps you’re making deadlines, but not showing your best work?

Are you wasting time doing this yourself?

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Your vision + our expertise = the client’s brand looking perfect.


No need to hire employees outside of your wheel house.


You’ll have a proven process from start to finish—for all your brand clients.

"It's true, i4Color extended our team, so we could focus on our core strengths—the creative. I love the confidence knowing whatever we give to i4Color, converts to finished artwork, printed at the highest possible standards.”

~ Nick Yuen, Director of Print Production at H&L Partners

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‘Ah-ha’ for your agency

Your team came up with a killer package design…

But it has way too many colors. You aren’t sure how it will look on press. Don’t worry. We’ll create accurate color proofs to make damn sure your design will match the finished product.

That Getty image you chose…

It’s missing something. You’re concerned it looks ‘off’. Gotcha. Get our retouching team going in the right direction. To create the right imagery. So everything will look as you envisioned.

The storyboard’s complete, everyone’s jazzed…

Great, now what? Who’s going pull it all together? Breathe... We’ll determine the scene together. Bring in the models, stylists, & photographers. Then deliver the perfect shoot.


From big idea… to design… to ‘oh shit, can we pull this off?’

Clorox wondered the same for their Smart Tube® technology spray bottle. No problem. Some CGI applied to the bottle, a couple hands twisting it—we married the two. Voila… an easier way to squeeze out every last drop. Your ‘crazy idea’ brought to life. It’s what we do.

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Daryl Eifler – Founder of i4Color

Confidence for your agency

You’re an agency with a big idea for your client’s brand. An idea you converted into a great design. An idea you’re confident the client will love.

That’s your business—it’s what you’re built for, right?

But… are you confident what the client sees, will make it all the way to the billboard, magazine, website, shelf, or digital ad?

That’s our business—it’s what we’re built for.

It’s why I started i4Color. To use our skills in printing, packaging, marketing, and imagery—so people will choose your client’s product over the other guys’.

We’ll work with your agency to continue what you started with your inspiring design. And, make it look consistent across your clients’ brands. We’ve got an in-house staff of photographers, retouchers, and press experts to take on your entire project—giving your agency our full attention. Feel confident, knowing you’ll deliver what you promised.

What you do + what we do = your clients impressed and pleased.

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"Working with i4Color I can think big, knowing we will achieve and present a rich design to our clients—exactly as I intended. Every. Time."

~ Margie Drechsel, Associate Creative Director at Electro Creative Workshop

Success for your agency

Are you having a hard time getting past the design phase? Are you showing clients ideas you’re not sure are possible? Or, confused how to hire the right experts? We’re here to help.


We’ll meet to determine your needs, type of project, scope and size, too.


Time to make your client’s brand look exactly as you imagined.


Because that’s what happens when you’re focused on the creative.

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"We were often uncertain how our designs would show up on print. Not anymore. Since working with i4color, we always know up front what to expect. Now we can push the limits with our packaging, knowing what the end result will be.”

~ John Eagle, Senior Packaging Production Manager at Enlisted Design

Why gamble on showing less than your best?

“I’m tired of stressing out about the details for final artwork. And, being unsure what we’re putting in front of our client. I want a team I can trust, to carry our design all the way to the client’s final product.”

We. Hear. You.

Let’s make that happen.

Contact us. We’ll get back to you in a few hours. Promise.

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