i4Color combines an artistic eye with mastery in the latest technology to produce brand-flattering imagery that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Everything in our studio is calibrated, from our photography equipment to our monitors, software, and printing devices, to ensure the end product is better than good—it’s perfect.

While we have won international awards and received honors and accolades over our decades of experience, what we’re most proud of is our partnerships.  We love partnering with brands, agencies, and printers, because we’re all out to create the same thing—the highest quality deliverable with the greatest efficiency.

i4Color perfects the supply chain, stepping in as-needed for photography, pre-press, consulting, CGI, and retouching, or managing the entire process. Our in-house team of photographers, retouchers, and pre-press experts approach each project with a collaborative attitude, setting everyone up for success.


Interview with John Runyon, Associate Director – Creative Services, Clorox

Annual Royalties Savings
Annual Pre-Press Savings
Total Annual Savings

Situation: Clorox bleach made its debut over a century ago, and since then Clorox’s continued innovation of household cleaning products has grown it into a household name. Clorox products are easily recognizable on the shelf and the quality and consistency of packaging is a direct reflection of the company’s brand.

Challenge: “Our packaging division was managing printing projects across hundreds of locations and sending project managers who weren’t necessarily experts in print all over the country for onsite press checks. In addition to the travel costs associated with these press checks, we incurred the soft costs of lost hours in the office and a slower time to production.

“We explored outsourcing, but vendors wanted to use their processes and software to manage our intellectual property. That would essentially hold us hostage. We also considered bringing everything in-house, but ramp-up time and costs were prohibitive and maintaining timeliness during the transition period would have been challenging.”

Solution: “i4Color redefined ‘partnership’ by providing us with a solution that is transparent and fair. They integrated their systems into our processes, workflow software, and asset management systems. We began using them for pre-press and in short order moved photography, retouching, and CGI for every one of our SKUs over to them. Now, instead of dealing with hundreds of printer locations, i4Color manages them all.”

Results: “We haven’t sent a single person on a press check in over five years. We’ve reduced photography, pre-press costs, and time to market while preserving—and in many cases increasing—quality. We saw a return on our investment in year one, saving 31% by turning over color management and pre-press to i4Color. The next year, we saved another 21% by moving over our photography, retouching, and CGI, and eliminating the royalty fees charged by other vendors. That translates to seven figures of annual savings for Clorox.

“i4Color’s business model is transparent and fair. We do not believe we could replicate their quality and costs by doing it ourselves. They care about our image as much as we do, and spend more time managing quality than we ever could. Plus, they are a pleasure to work with. I trust them implicitly—our brands are in good hands with i4Color.”