Illustrative and Photo-Realistic CGI Bring Your Ideas to Life

Computer generated imagery (CGI) makes the impossible possible. Whether you’re looking for fantastical, whimsical, futuristic, or more-real-than-real, i4Color’s CGI experts capture your concept for print and digital. By adding nuances like digital sculpting, modeling, particle effects, and texturing, we can make even large-scale renderings resplendent. You may want to consider CGI instead of (or in addition to) photography when:

  • Reusable images are needed for quick and easy label, lighting, and scene changes
  • Minute details can’t be captured well, even with a zoom lens
  • Featured foods or foliage are out of season
  • Products don’t exist yet
  • You want to add animation to a photograph

CGI is also an excellent way to enhance photographs when staging isn’t practical or possible. We support the entire production lifecycle, from creative direction, concept planning, and pre-production through to fruition.

Sometimes Picture-Perfect Isn’t Quite Perfect Enough

Photography picks up everything that’s there—everything. Blemishes, dust particles, and minor flaws can leave an otherwise excellent photograph wanting. From basic fixes to complex lighting adjustments to ultra-tight color control, i4Color’s retouchers make the final refinements so that your photographs are razor-sharp. Our laser-like attention to detail combined with our advanced imaging software result in flawless pieces of art.

Our retouching services are included in our photography packages and as a standalone service. In fact, some of the area’s most elite photographers turn to i4Color for retouching.

Portfolio of our CGI + Creative Retouching work.

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